International Day of Slow Motion

shapeimage_1-8International Slow Motion Day

Dear friends,
Last year I declared October 8th as International Slow Motion Day©. Some of my friends told me how much they liked the idea and how they put it into action. It has to do with slowing down, to pause and to be attentive.

The idea is simple: Everybody who likes it, should, as often as he/she thinks of it on Oct. 8th, carry out some of his/her activities in slow motion – e.g. lathering when taking your shower in the morning, going from one room to the other, preparing a meal and/or eating, brushing your teeth and much more. Set no bounds to your imagination!

It is important that you don’t engage in those activities perfunctorily and absentmindedly. It is Slow Motion Day – so act with total awareness and concentration.

If that idea appeals to you, please forward this message to all those who might like to slow down a bit on October 8th.

With best regards from Michigan,

Susanna Piontek